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Dr. Harry Gutierrez was another individual who has said Jimmy to James as when he said he has heard so much about James and in which lead to the death battle between James and the bodyguards and Dr. Gutierrez. Heller has a tall, muscular build from his time in the Military and a shaved head. He has a small scar over his left eyebrow of unknown origin. Elemental Resistance: Heller's altered physiology endowed him superior resistance to fire and electricity than prior to his infection in the same vein with Mercer. Consume • Disguise • Infected vision • Thermal vision • Wall Running • Wall Crawling • Patsy • Artillery strike The Executive producer of Prototype, Tim Bennison, described Alex as one of the most powerful video game characters of all time.

Prototype Alex Mercer Leather Jacket | Celebrity Style Prototype Alex Mercer Leather Jacket | Celebrity Style

Superhuman Reflexes: Mercer, upon his mutation into the Prototype, had his reflexes enhanced to superhuman levels. He can dodge gunfire, and other projectile base weaponry at point blank range, keep up and overpowered various evolved infected creatures such as the Hunter, and Supreme Hunter, and even combat and overwhelm the military’s super soldiers with ease. During one of Mercer and Dana's meetings, Dana was kidnapped by a Leader Hunter, a larger and stronger version of the normal hunters. Alex pursued this Leader Hunter across the city, but was ultimately unable to rescue Dana. With the help of Dr. Ragland, Mercer located and consumed the same Leader Hunter that kidnapped Dana, learning of her location in the core hive in the center of the city. Mercer was eventually able to penetrate the hive, where he confronted Elizabeth Greene. https://prototype.fandom.com/wiki/File:25339_fmv10-3_701.ogg One Virus. Three weeks. Millions dead. And I was there. My name was Alex Mercer, and my work is almost done." ―Alex Mercer [src] Alex Mercer Lawrence Foster · Sabrina Galloway · Sean Grier · Harry Gutierrez · Mark Harrison · Roy Hodgin · Shane Ivey · Mark Katsaounis · Anton Koenig · Rajiv Kureshi · Lawrence Kuhn · Ben Langham · Gary Langkabel · Rustle Lee · James Lyon · Patricia Martin · Bryan McChord · Bernard Morgan · Gerald Morse · Alexander Murray · Karen Parker · Geoff Rush · Samuelson · James Schneider · Joseph Schulze · Aubrey Shaffeld · Jon Tynes · Thomas Wagner · Marcella Walsh · Stanley Washington · Dennis Wayne · James Whitney · Harris Widgeir · Craig Wight · Alan WindsorOne virus, three weeks, millions dead... and I was there. My name was Alex Mercer, and my work is almost done." If I'm still human...where do I fit in now? How do I rejoin the human race?" ―Alex ponders over his place in the world. [src] His official bio also states his "personality traits" which are: distant, predatory, super-intelligent, terrifying, vengeful, blank, and searching. [5] The original Alex was a cold monster with no empathy who ultimately unleashed the virus out of pure spite. His actions and demeanor are likely due to his troubled past, which made him a cold individual, both paranoid and sociopathic. On top of that, he seemingly doesn't care about his younger sister, Dana, and is seemingly only using her as a pawn in his plans as well. He rarely takes human cost into account during his actions, being able to murder scores of humans without remorse or hesitation.

Alex Mercer Jacket | Prototype Leather Jacket | Soul Revolver

As he was infected with the same DX-1118 strain as Alex, he has much of the same superhuman and shapeshifting powers, as well as others that he has evolved himself. Mercer can form his biomass into a variety of weapons, mostly slicing or crushing tools. In combat, he either uses biomass to create various blades and clubs. [3] Defensive Powers Main article: Defensive Powers Your furloughs don't last long enough, daddy! When do you get to come home for good?" ―Amaya to her father. [src] Superhuman Senses: Mercer's senses are enhanced to far higher levels than those of the normal human and potentially more such as access to following vision abilities:

Prototype 2

Alex Mercer and James Heller faced off on top of a destroyed building in the Red Zone. Alex's Evolved, including Galloway, accompanied him. Heller demanded that Alex return his daughter, but Alex refused and spoke of his plans to replace humanity with "one mind and one body" and to turn Amaya into the "Mother of the New World". Hammerfists - Primarily a anti-vehicular power, this mutation causes an immense amount of biomass to flood into Alex's hands, causing them to greatly enlarge and increase in weight. With these Alex can cause what look to be small earthquakes and is able to easily smash through the hardest of armor. Before long, the military began to deploy a new biological agent, Bloodtox, engineered to kill the virus and its hosts. [2] Shapeshifting: Due to Mercer not having a stable form like most other organic organisms, Mercer is capable of shaping the biomass within him into virtually anything he can imagine. He can shape his arms into various weapons such as blades and whips. He can change his form to match the form of anyone he consumed regardless of age or gender, even morphing the biomass within his body to form mundane items such as clothes. Mercer's shapeshifting abilities are only limited by his imagination and the amount of biomass he contains.

Alex Mercer (Character) - Giant Bomb Alex Mercer (Character) - Giant Bomb

However, Dr. Mercer is not completely cruel and heartless; although he and Dana went on separate ways when the latter was 15 and even manipulated her so he could use her to achieve his goals in some occasions, he deeply trusts and cares for his younger sister, having been the only real paternal figure for her. In fact, beneath his paranoid and selfish façade lies a man who positive and full of life, a side that more prominently shown during his younger days, often playing games with his sister Dana, showing a close bond between the two. Dr. Mercer also had what can be assumed to be a loving relationship with Karen Parker. By contrast, Alex Mercer, Dr. Mercer's Prototype self, speaks very poorly of him, commenting that what he did in his last moments was beyond forgiveness (to be fair however, the Prototype overlooked the positive side of his creator and host).Initially being an anti-heroic protagonist who gained his powers from an experimental bioweapon after he died as a human, after he lost his faith in humanity, he then wants to spread the infection beyond New York Zero and become the main antagonist of the second game and the arch-enemy of the protagonist, James Heller, who seeks to kill Mercer for being the cause of his infection and the death of his wife and daughter. Dennis Detwiller, the senior designer and writer of Prototype, said there is "no cute fuzzy bunny in Alex Mercer's future". This quote could be read as a hint at Mercer's eventual death at the hands of James Heller, although Detwiller himself left Radical Entertainment in 2009 and was not involved in the making of Prototype 2. Infected Citizens • Infection Carriers • Walkers • Hunters • Leader Hunters • Hydra • Mother • Hives Infected Animals}: During the Prototype tied-in comics, it is shown that animals are capable of being infected by the virus. Their mutations vary between different animals. However, it is shown that they gain increased strength and durability. Alex's shapeshifting powers grant him superhuman physical abilities well beyond that of a normal Human.

James Heller | Prototype Wiki | Fandom James Heller | Prototype Wiki | Fandom

Before long, the military began to deploy a new biological agent, Bloodtox, engineered to kill the virus and its hosts. Greene, in her Mother form Agility - He is able to perform incredible parkour feats and extreme climbing maneuvers with ease. He's able to run straight up the side of a building and glide through the air by lessen his mass ejecting small amounts for propulsion. Hunting: A mysterious yet potent viral sonar sense, this sixth sense allows him to find a target in a crowded populated area.

My name is Dana Mercer. I'm Alex Mercer's sister. And I have information about your daughter." ―Dana upon speaking to Heller for the first time. [src] Alex is one of the very few video game protagonists to start off as the protagonist and then become the antagonist in their game's sequel. This brief moment of solace was interrupted, though, by Zurich, and ex-business partner of Flint's. Zurich demand the land surrounding Flint's lumbar mill, but Flint wouldn't relent told Zurich he'd never sell them. Later, Zurich sent two men over to kill the father and daughter, but Alex intercepted them and killed them himself. He then went after Zurich. Part 2 Groundspikes: When using his claws as his main weapon, Mercer is capable of compressing his biomass into his clawed hands before slamming them into the ground. Upon doing this, Mercer expands the compressed biomass in his hands outwards towards the direction he wants. After either reaching their target or hitting a certain distance. The expanded biomass will erupt as sharp spires from the ground, impaling and cutting apart anyone and anything caught within eruption radius.

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